Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ta-Dah! The First Real Post!


I'm Carly, and there are three things you should know about me before we begin;

  • I like playing with make-up...
And cosmetics, hair dye, bath bombs, face masks/packs, lotions etc. Which, I like to think, is normal behaviour. The vast quantities of the aforementioned items I acquire is apparently not normal, according to my friends, family and fiance. The thing is, I have problem skin. I'm going to gross you out a bit now, which is pretty rude considering we just met, but bear with me. My skin is oily. O-I-L-Y. We're taking "danger to marine life" levels of oil here. Apart from making me look like a shiny-faced loon at all times, this causes blackheads. Epic blackheads which bury themselves waaaay into my pores and refuse to budge unless threatened with extreme violence. If anything is going to live in my face they should be paying rent as far as I'm concerned. Then there's the breakouts. Do not get me started. The tales I could tell you would melt your face with sorrow.

This means that for the past five years I have been on a hunt to find the Holy Grail of skincare, some miracle product which will leave me with the radiance of a cherub, the softness of a baby's bottom and the clarity of an airbrushed celeb. Since I'm not a dab-hand at Photoshop, the product will have to work pretty bloody hard! Expect reviews of all the stuff I waste my money on in this quest.

  • I like nommy food...
Let's not beat around the bush, I am a big lass, and I like my food. However, I also like looking like a supermodel, and these two hobbies of mine don't quite mesh. More often than not (OK, always) food wins hands down. I was a very fussy eater as a child (and consequently was stick-thin) but I'm slowly re-educating my taste buds. Unfortunately, the new foods that I'm starting to like tend to be the carb-loaded, butter-covered, sugar-coated naughty foods. I love American food. Our Yankee cousins sure know how to cook, and one of my favourite things to do is to recreate American classics at home (Waffle House hashbrowns, anyone?) plus I'm addicted to Japanese cuisine so there'll be some of my recipes and photos of nommy foods I've made.

  • I am a very angry person...
I can't really "do" angry as much as I'd like. I work in the customer services industry. I shy away from confrontation. I like a quiet life. This tends to result in a lot of forced smiles and simmering resentment, which will occasionally explode and culminate in a VERY venomous rant online. My favourite ranting subjects are inept taxi drivers, rude customers and stalled weight-loss efforts. I also have irrational hatred of wasps, baked beans and Katie Price, just so you know.

A few other titbits of info you'll probably need to consider:
I am never happy with the design of my blog, and I am still learning. Expect frequent layout changes until I finally become a Design Demigod.

If you are allergic to any of the following, this blog may not be for you; Kawaii food with faces, Lolcats, Fails, fat chicks, general awesomeness.

I am new to the blogosphere. Be gentle! (^_^)

Right, I'm off, because it's two in the morning and normal people tend to sleep at this hour.

Carly xxx

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