Saturday, 27 August 2011

Natural Aqua Gel Cure Review

RIGHT, I am actually going to do some bloody work now, ok? Would you like a review from my Japanese haul last week? Oh you would? Ok.

This is Natural Aqua Gel Cure. I bought this from Beauty Carousel for £21.46, which is waaaaaay more than I would ever like to pay for a beauty product. I may be a beauty junkie, but I'm not made of money y'know! Sheeeeesh! However, I am a crafty bird and took advantage of the free samples they offered beforehand so I could make sure it was suitable for my skin before spending twenty quid on it.

Natural Aqua Gel Cure is a water-based exfoliant for all skin types. It's 90% hydrogen activated water (nope, I don't know what that means either) and full of plant extracts, such as aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. There's no scrubby beads and no peeling acids, so I have no idea how this product actually works other than a bloody miracle. [Edit: It reacts with the protein in the dead skin/keratin, making it easier to remove. Knowledge is power!]

To use, first off all you need freshly cleansed, dry skin. Don't use Cure on wet/damp skin, as it won't work as efficiently, or at all! Squeeze a blob onto your fingertips. I find a dollop about the size of a penny (one pump) is enough for my whole face. The gel will turn watery as you rub it in circular motions on your face, paying particular attention to your t-zone and any dry flaky patches.

So you're massaging the gel into your face and all of a sudden you start to feel little grains of... stuff. It wasn't there before! That's your dead skin cells, coming off and clumping together. It's grim yet undeniably fascinating to see exactly how much dead, dull skin is simply falling away from your face! When you're done marvelling at the little white flecks of filth, simply rinse off with cool/cold water (to tighten those nice clean pores!) Moisturise, then molest your skin. Feel how soft it is. YUM. (>.<)

I have very oily, congested skin. I've tried everything from gentle scrubs to microdermabrasion and I can honestly say I have never found anything that's exfoliated my skin better than Cure. I have raved about it like a raving derelict to anyone who'll listen, and even given out samples to friends. At one point I actually demanded Mr Kawaii try it, just so I could feel his face afterwards. You're supposed to use it twice a week, but my skin is so damn greasy I use it everyday. Luckily it's incredibly gentle so I can get away with using it as often as I need. It has no preservatives, colours or fragrance, no alcohol and no nasty acids. Although my skin is grotty, it's very sensitive and will go flaky if I mistreat it or use anything too harsh. I've had no such problem with Cure, in fact it actually got rid of a bout of flakiness I had from using a so-called "spot fighting" cleanser (gave me more spots, and peeled my skin off in clumps, yay!) so I'm really very impressed with it.

Just so y'all know, I am not in anyway affiliated with Cure or Beauty Carousel. I reviewed this because I tried it and I loved it. It's my duty to share! However, if Cure or BC want to send me free samples or goodies to review *wink wink, nudge nudge* I'd be more than happy to help!

Carly x

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