Saturday, 10 September 2011

"Yes, We Have No Bananas."

Tomorrow I am going to start my latest diet fad, the uber-Japanese "Morning Banana Diet"... how utterly Kawaii does that sound?!

It is quite a simples diet by the sounds of it. It goes as follows;

  1. Banana and water for breakfast. One banana, or as many as you wish. Although I'm happy to eat bananas, I tend to get bored of them pretty quickly, so I'll probably just have the one. This should sort you out until lunchtime, but if not, have a weeny snack half an hour after your banana, a yogurt or a small cereal bar or more fruit.
  2. Lunch - eat whatever you want, within reason. I'm not going to eat fried cheese all day, but I can have a sandwich if I feel like one. Use common sense, don't go nuts.
  3. Dinner - again, whatever you fancy as long as it's not stupidly calorific. Have fries with it if you want, just not fistfuls of the things! The important bit it to make sure you eat dinner by 8pm at the absolute latest, preferably before 6pm. This is super important, it kind of lets you digestive system rest through the night, and you'll sleep better for it.
  4. Snacks - you can have one or two snacks during the day. One of those should be a little sweet treat at 3pm. Have a little bit of chocolate, or a cookie, or more bloody fruit if you're a purist. The only foods you should really try to avoid are ice cream, doughnuts and potato crisps. Apparently they're just too moreish and leave you prone to overeating, so avoid them completely if you can. Also try to just drink lots of water and herbal teas rather than calorific/fizzy drinks and juices.
  5. Bedtime - BEFORE midnight, please. This is important! The better quality sleep you get, the more weight you will lose. Try to aim for eight hours.
This sounds like A) any old mug can do it and B) it might not work, but that is why I'm here; to shovel bananas into my face like a mentalist gorilla so that you don't have to. Unless of course, it actually works, in which case you should do it too. If you want to. No pressure.

Carly x

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