Thursday, 12 January 2012

I have been on a long vacation. Honest.


Oh hello there.
Long timey no speaky.

"Where have you been?!" I hear you cry. Silently.

I am lazy, unorganised, demotivated and I work daft hours. I kinda forgot all about my little blog. I neglected it, the poor buggar. Recently, two things happened that have sort of revived my passion for beauty blogging:

Numero Uno - I helped out an old schoolfriend. For the sake of anonimity, let's call him Alan (well, ain't no-one climbing on the fame bandwagon for free around here, you freeloading swines!).

Alan has suffered from chronic eczema since he came into the world. Well, at least since he was four years old anyway. I didn't know him before that. He could have had skin like Heidi Klum before that, for all I know. Anyhow we are talking proper, full-on, nasty-bastard eczema. He was always covered in bandages, his skin was so sore and itchy, it even used to split. Fast forward at least two decades, Alan was still suffering, and took to Facebook for a bit of a rant regarding his latest outbreak. Yours Truly being a nosey cow, I stuck my two-pence-worth in, telling him that he needed to go get some Dream Cream from Lush. My skin gets very rashy sometimes, partly due to stress eczema, partly due to it being a bit sensitive so I use Dream Cream every so often to calm it down. It's like Buddhist chanting for the epidermis.

A week or so later Alan sends me a lovely little message to tell me that I am, and this is verbatim, a "f**king legend" for recommending the Lush lotion to him. His eczema, whilst not yet completely cleared, is healing up an absolute treat. I feel like a champion, and all I did was bully someone into buying some sodding body lotion. In truth, it felt really nice to have someone say "You know what? That really helped me. YOU really helped me. Thank you"... just felt good.

Numero Dos - I. Am. On. The. Wagon. The Wagon of Everything. I've given up smoking, I've cut my drinking down from bingeing every few days (Christmas rate!) to virtually nil, I've just come back from a run... yes... a RUN. You did read that right. OK, I walked. But I walked fast and hard. I'm a little too much of a chunky monkey to start running just yet. I'm drinking tons of water (and consequently pissing like Seabiscuit) and cutting out most of the junk food. I've even stopped taking my contraceptive pill to see if it affects my hormonal acne.

Because of all the money I am saving on cigarettes and tasty nom I decided to treat myself to a GlossyBox subscription and let me tell you here and now, I'm very bloody glad I did. My very first box arrived today and it is full of goodies that I will most definitely be reviewing in due course. My trouble as a reviewer is that I only ever buy things that have been reviewed a million times because, funnily enough, I like to do my research before I buy them! With these new monthly treats I get to test things I may not normally buy. Which I guess is kind of the point, yeah?

So go, tell your friends. I am actually going to do this. CarlyKawaii is up and running. Open for business. Et cetera.

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