Monday, 27 February 2012


I have been busy lazy again, sorry!

I'm not reviewing, ranting or nomming today, this is just a quick reminder that I am not dead.

UPDATE:- I've lost half a stone since New Year. I only found this out yesterday, and I'm chuffed to bits. I've gone and got myself an exercise bike and I'm showing that sonofabitch who's boss around here... I jest. I'm starting slow, 15 minutes frantic pedalling every day for a week, then 20 minutes a day for a week, then 25 minutes, then 30, so on and so forth. I will be one skinny bitch by my birthday in July, and if I'm not, I give to permission to hunt me down and mock me profusely.

In other news, I am OFF FACEBOOK. Oh yes. I have had it with that site once again. It's just bad juju. It makes me feel bad about myself and I don't exactly need any help to do that, I'm pretty chuffin' marvellous at self-deprecation without Zuckerberg shoving his oar in. OF course you can still catch me here, and on Twitter. I shall make an effort to tweet more. How else will I deliver my charm, witty one-liners and rugged good looks to the world/

Also I have some posts planned for you this week. I have a week off Purgatory work and no social life of which to speak so I'll be bringing you my latest loudmouth opinions, including the mystery product I've been testing to clear my mingin' face up. Posts shall include: "Kawaii Haul", "Japanese Food Haul," (Ha! Food haul... see what I did there? No? Boo.) "Magic Japanese Weight Loss Food" and "Awesomesauce Beauty Samples"... so stay tuned.

For now, I leave you with this. I am suffering from a serious case of Owl Rotation.

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