Saturday, 17 November 2012

I won an Award?! I couldn't even win an argument!

Wooooooooooo! In my absence from the blogosphere, the delectable and adorable Kuma Kuma Baby nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award! I'm chuffed to bits!

Apparently now I have to tell you seven things about myself:

  1. I am incredibly two-faced, but only at work. Working in customer service means I have to be super-nice to people, even when they are yelling at me, throwing chairs around and generally acting like premium arseholes. Years of working in this industry has taught me how to be lovely to someones face, whilst sending them mind-bullets of utter hatred. I'm not like this outside of work though, My friends are my friends because I actually like them, funnily enough!
  2. I never used to drink coffee. If you'd have asked my a year ago, I'd rather have licked rainwater out of a gutter. These days I have a rather hefty collection lurking in my once-dedicated Tea Cupboard. At the moment I'm enjoying Whittard's Hazelnut Cinnamon blend. Tasty noms.
  3. I am deeply religious. No, not God, that's some silly beardy bloke in the sky who may or may not exist. The idols I pray to are The Revered Saint Martha of Stewart and The Blessed Saint Kirstie of Allsopp. My dream ambition is simply to be a homemaker, but a proper one. Organised, vintage, artsy-crafty and adorable. I want to bake things, make things and generally mince about in polka dot dresses and frilly aprons.
  4. I am terrified of wasps. Even dead ones. The meanest thing anyone could do would be to throw a dead wasp at me. I found one in a jumper I was wearing once and I cried for an hour.
  5. I have a great fondness for Paris Cafe Jazz. Actually, any song that involves French lyrics and acoustic guitar will do. I don't speak a word of French, so I don't know what they are singing about but I don't really mind. I don't understand art either but I can appreciate a pretty painting!
  6. I find it difficult to fit in most social groups. Most of the people I socialise with tend to group together, for example I have a group of friends that are really into fashion (I'm not)... one where everyone has children (I don't)... one where everyone like metal music (I don't)... there isn't one clique that I feel I fit into. Even in high school I was a fringe member of about three or four groups of people. I guess I'm a drifter. I drift into a group, realise I don't fit and then drift back out. It's kind of lonely sometimes, I don't get to go on many nights out or to parties, but there's a lot of love in my life and I'm grateful for the fantastic relationships and friendships that I have.
  7. I am a total fangirl for Death Cab For Cutie. I went to see them live three times last year, and I'm devastated that I can't get down to London to catch Ben Gibbard's solo tour in a few weeks. My fiance introduced me to their stuff when we met, and their music has pretty much been the soundtrack to our relationship ever since. If anyone would like to lend me the money to get them to play at our wedding I'd be very grateful, thanks. No? I tried.
So now I have to pick three more bloggers to pass this honour onto, huh? And I'm guessing I can't pass it back to Kuma, although she deserves it, my absolute favourite blogger and a total doll!

Loulou at Sugarstorm and Avy at My Mother F**ked Mick Jagger, two of the most beautiful, poetic and interesting blogs I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Also the hilarious ScouseBirdProbs at Handbag Vodka, who makes me actually "LOL" both on here and on Twitter.

Thanks again to Kuma Kuma Baby for my award, and to Loulou, Avy and ScouseBirdProbs, enjoy!


AVY said...

/ Avy

Loulou said...

Oh Carly, thank you soooo much! I will post about the award and link back to you as soon as i can!