Sunday, 16 February 2014

very late. much award. amaze. such thankyou. wow.

Good Lord, I'm surprised this blog still exists! It's been so long since I wrote anything that I'm amazed the Internets haven't just spontaneously deleted it.

In my absence from the blogosphere, I was nominated for a Liebster Award! Woot! Thank you to the lovely, stylish Kathryn W over at Liquid Grain for my nomination.

Okay, so the rules are I have to answer Kathryn's questions about myself, nominate some bloggers with under 200 followers and ask them a set of ten questions I have prepared. ( I do not have any questions prepared. They will be made up as they go along. You are mistaken in thinking I plan for this kinda stuff.)

My questions: 
1 - What is closest to your right hand (except from computer)? My house keys and a chakra balancing bracelet. I'm not wearing it, it's just sat there. Balancing the coffee table's chakras.
2 - Do you have any pets? I do, he's adorable! He's called Tim, he has dark curly fur, I feed him little treats.
Oh no wait, that's my partner. No then. I have a small cactus collection. Does that count?
3 - What colour of hair do you wish you could have? I have had ALL THE COLOURS. Like, literally all of them. I couldn't pick a favourite, and I change my mind so often, so I guess my answer to this is "The opposite on the colour wheel to whatever colour I have at any given moment."
4 - Any tattoos?  Tell me about them! I have three! I have ivy leaves on my right hip, for resilience, a heart-shaped padlock on my upper back that matches one my partner has and a kingfisher with an anchor for my grandparents who are unfortunately no long with us.
5 - Have you ever tried Irn Bru? I probably have when I was a tiny kid but I don't remember! I'm not really a big soda drinker though.
Oh no wait, I HAVE tried it. It was at Corporation with my friend Cara back in her student days. 70p for a vodka and Irn Bru. Did I like it? I have no idea, I was rat arsed. Rightly so.
6 - Favourite food? Are you serious? This is torture! I can't pick just one! Seriously, just one? Cheese. On everything.
7 - Must have make up? Illamasqua Powder Foundation in shade 135. If they ever discontinue this, I will commit hara-kiri outside my local counter. No messin'.
8 - Your favourite place in Scotland?  Either to visit or would like to visit? I've never been, but Edinburgh Fringe Festival sounds legendary.
9 - Your favourite subject at school? History, hands down. Nazi Germany is my Mastermind subject. Maniacal despots in general fascinate me.
10 - What colour are your nails painted? The small scraps of polish clinging on for dear life onto my chipped, scratched, peeling nails are Baptiste by Illamasqua.

Well that clears that up.

I have two nominees, because I am waaaay out of touch with who is blogging these days. I hereby nominate with the power vested in me: Bill at Hipyeti and Helen over at Beautiful Curiosities and here are my questions.

  1. What is your favourite cheese?
  2. Favourite country in the world?
  3. Name a famous person who inspires you?
  4. Three things you'd take to a desert island?
  5. What's your greatest fear?
  6. Who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and Mr T and why?
  7. Your favourite musical artist/band and your favourite song by them?
  8. Cat or dog person?
  9. Do you believe in Love at first sight?
  10. Your proudest achievement... big yourself up!
Thanks again to Kathryn W make sure you check out Bill and Helen's blogs and give them big love and smooches from me.

Carly Kawaii xoxo


Helen Davis said...

How exciting! Thank you lovely :)

Blog post coming up soon. That first question is going to kill me haha xx

Carly Kawaii said...

You're very welcome, lady! Excited to see your anwers! Xx

Helen Davis said...

It's up! ^_^ Thanks again! xx