Wednesday, 9 April 2014

50 Things I Want To Do In 2014 - UPDATE

19) Get in a hot tub

In March I was lucky enough to get to stay in a super cool cabin in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham to celebrate my brother-in-law's 30th birthday. There was 8 of us in total, 4 couples, and we got to hang out together for 4 days but we also got to go off and do individual activities too. Tim and I decided to visit the Go Ape Treetop Adventure, which is a fantastic network of ziplines and Tarzan swings through the treetops of Sherwood Forest. However, one activity that everyone wanted to do except me was clay pigeon shooting. I'm not a big fan of guns. They're noisy, ammo is expensive and apparently they're lethal weapons or something? Screw that. So whilst everybody was off disturbing the peaceful countryside, I made use of the cabin's biggest, bestest feature.

21) Eat only vegetarian foods for 3 days

SMASHED this one, son. I started eating vegetarian on the 8th of March and still haven't stopped! Apart from an accident with some non-veggie Parmesan one time, but lesson learned. (Read the damn labels.) I'm not really missing meat, as I'm a massive Quorn fan and wasn't a fan of pork, lamb or turkey anyway, but I do get cravings for chicken and beef occasionally. It's cut my fast food consumption right down because, let's face it, veggie options at fast food places suck a fat one.

30) Try 5 new foods

Being vegetarian sort of made this a necessity. I'm now a proud consumer of courgette (pointless vegetable, no taste, weird texture but I can live with it,) couscous (why did no-one tell me how freaking delicious this is?!) asparagus (no funny wee smell as of yet) chickpeas and kidney beans.

Have you set yourself any challenges for the months/year ahead? Let me know!#

Carly Kawaii xoxo

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