Wednesday, 9 April 2014

50 Things I Want To Do in 2014

2014 is shaping up to be a pretty intense year already. I've been super busy and I'm really trying to get out of my lazy habits. I've been trying to become more goal orientated, as opposed to my usual habit of just drifting through life and seeing where it takes me. So in January I started a list of things I'd like to try to do/see/visit/achieve this year. Some are massive lifestyle changes, and some are just silly things. I'm going to try and keep you up to date on where I am with this list, and I've already managed to cross some off already!

1) Lose 3 stone

2) Find a new job

3) Spend at least 1 hour a week outside

4) Get out of debt

5) Keep a journal

6) Join a library

7) Wear a bikini

8) Decopatch my papier mache stag head

9) Write a love letter

10) Make soup from scratch

11) Eat completely clean for 3 days

12) Sell an item of Black Milk

13) Learn to do professional style makeup

14) Go on a thrift shop splurge

15) 29 Day ReBoot yoga challenge

16) Donate money to charity by Direct Debit

17) Cut up a credit card

18) Do a yoga session outside

19) Get in a hot tub

20) Visit a jazz club

21) Eat only vegetarian foods for 3 days

22) Make a pizza from scratch

23) Learn to hula hoop

24) Throw a dinner party

25) Make gyoza

26) Spend time meditating

27) Full housekeeping once a week

28) Grow my hair long

29) Swim in the sea or a lake

30) Try 5 new foods

31) Read 5 "classic" novels

32) Make a Youtube video

33) Take more photographs of Tim and I together

34) See a live band that doesn't have Ben Gibbard in it

35) Grow a plant from seed

36) Save for a trip or holiday

37) Make vitamins a daily habit

38) Make staying hydrated a daily habit

39) Make a list of my top five songs of all time

40) Make a list of my top five films of all time

41) Change the decor in the kitchen from cute kitsch to Mexican

42) Make or buy a headboard for the bed

43) Join a gym

44) Eat only vegan foods for 3 days

45) Earn a new qualification

46) Pay my credit card off

47) Visit Delamere Forest

48) Visit Lake Windermere

49) Try vegan cheese

50) Start driving lessons
I'll start my updates in a new post... this one's superlisty and long already!

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