Monday, 14 April 2014

[Blogger Love ♥] - Liquid Grain

Lurrrrvely big blogosphere shoutout to the amazing Kathryn over at Liquid Grain! I was lucky enough to win these beautiful Poprageous Gatsby leggings in her latest giveaway and I couldn't be happier with them. I'm a massive Black Milk fan and didn't think I could be swayed by another company, but the print quality and fabric are just as fab (plus if I'm honest, the waistband is much comfier on my pudding belly!)

Liquid Grain is a fab fashion and lifestyle blog, with what I like to call "Real Girl Fashion"... a lot of blogs I see show looks that are stunning but impractical for day to day wear. Kathryn's looks are, however, much more my kind of thing. Beautiful everyday looks, smart but laid back, casual but not sloppy, always effortless, never try-hard. I'm no expert, as most of my dabbles into fashion end up with me looking like I slept in a clothes bank, but I believe fashion is for every day, not just for special occasions. The looks over at Liquid Grain capture that idea perfectly in my eyes. Plus the photography is stunning, lots of "on location" shoots in beautiful surroundings.

Thanks again to Kathryn for the pretty leggings (yeah y'all bitches know DiCaprio is gonna want me in these bad boys) and you lot can catch her over at Liquid Grain.

Here's me. Not on location. In my messy bedroom. But with awesome pants.

Carly Kawaii xoxo

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Kathryn W said...

So glad you like them! Thank you for the lovely post!