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Thursday, 26 March 2015

I Like This Stuff: March 2015

Spring is finally here which means I'm making a concious effort to be less of a crank! It feels morally wrong to be grouchy when the sun is shining, so I've made a little list of some things I've been enjoying this month:

Rosehip Oil

If you've seen me looking glowy recently, NOPE I'm not pregnant. NOPE I haven't been on holiday. NOPE I haven't magically started eating healthily and exercising. Although I REALLY need to start doing that... It's rosehip oil.

I have oily, acne-prone skin by nature and when you throw hormones into the mix, my face becomes a veritable shitstorm of filth. Due to this I avoided oil-based beauty products like the plague for many years and when I finally succumbed, I would only use either jojoba oil or Lush's Ultrabland as everything else felt too heavy and pore-clogging. However, Father Time is a cruel master and I'm 28 this year. I am no spring chicken, in fact I'm starting to look a little southern fried these days.

Oh yes, the lines, the bags, the crags of age are creeping in. Over a decade of smoking and a lifetime of dehydration and eating processed filth are starting to take their toll. (I gave up smoking last October, for the record.) I've realised that I need something a little more intense and antioxiwhatsit to add the my skincare regime. I'd heard about rosehip oil on various blogs and on Pinterest and figured it was worth a shot. It's a "dry" oil so although it's highly nourishing, it sinks into my skin without leaving it greasy. I've been using a couple of drops as a night time moisturiser and I've been waking up to plumper, smoother skin witj a glow to it. My skin tone also looks more even and old acne scars are fading. Win.

Picture credit - amazon.com - I get my rosehip oil from enaissance.co.uk which I will link when the Blogger app lets me add links properly...

Herb Gardening

The only time my thumb is green is due to a bottle green manicure (Illamasqua polish in Kink, if you're interested) but now that I live in a house as opposed to a second floor crapcasket apartment, I have a garden.

And it's massive.

Don't get me wrong, we're not talking acres and hectares here, but it's big enough to have a decked area, a shed, flowerbeds and lawn big enough to dread mowing it. The lawn takes up the majority of the plot and the flower beds already have flowers in them, so that's that sorted. We can't change the garden drastically as it's rented, but I wanted to grow something. I've killed every houseplant I've ever owned, including a cactus, but I'm determined to nurture something to maturity.

Being the big foodie/skincare junkie that I am I decided that whatever I grew needed to be edible or medicinal, preferably both. First on the list is herbs. I went out, bought a big, pretty container, compost and starter plants. One day I will grow something from seed but I'm patient and don't have time for all the f**kery that comes with looking after that shit.

So in my kitchen-garden so far we have parsley, chives, lemon thyme, purple sage, rosemary and spearmint. Check back for updates as to how utterly deceased they get over the next few months!

Picture by me. Not only do I grow stuff good, I photograph stuff good too!


I've become a little obsessed with all things peachy recently. I used to detect peaches and anything peach flavoured, so this turn of events has taken me by surprise. I'm dowing peach iced tea, scoffing peach yoghurt and chowing peaches in custard like they're going out of fashion. Peach season isn't until June and I'm scratching off the days in this culinary prision until I can stuff my chubby little face with fresh, ripe, peachy goodness.

What have you been enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments or over at the Facebook page.

Carly Kawaii xoxo

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