Tuesday, 31 March 2015

[REVIEW] Illamasqua Gel Colour

I think I've found my Holy Grail blusher. No, I'm serious.

After traipsing through my Twitter feed one boring Friday evening, I noticed Illamasqua had launched a new product or two - Gel Sculpt and Gel Colour. Being a cruelty free brand, I tend to jump on Illamasqua like flies on the proverbial so I started digging around for info on these newbies straight away.

Gel Sculpt is a cooling, gel contour in a handy twist-up stick (think panstick or an obese lipstick) amd comes in a sheer, buildable brown to suit all skin types. I don't really do contouring. I know I should, but blending isn't a key skill of mine and I just tend to end up looking grubby. So it was the Gel Colour that got me going...

Gel Colour is a cooling, gel blush in a handy twist-up stick (notice a pattern developing here?) It comes in two shades; Charm, a blinding orange and Fluster, an equally blinding pink with blue undertones. I was almost immediately put off, but checked out the moving swatches on the Illamasqua website and realised that they are reassuringly sheer. Straight away I put Fluster in my basket and hopped off to the checkout, but something stopped me. I always go for pinky blushers! I'm super pale and frankly my complexion can look a bit grey sometimes. My immediate reaction was that there was no way on Earth I was going for an orange blusher!

I left Fluster in my basket for about three hours while I ruminated on the prospect of YOLO. Eventually I decided that I should give Charm a try. VERY GOOD IDEA. GOOD JOB, CARLY!

First off, the shade is perfect! It's a beautiful peach, building up to a lovely coral. I've been after a peachy blusher for a while now (I'm obsessed with all things peachy at the moment, see my last post!) and this is exactly what I wanted - a sheer, summery colour that looks natural and works with my skin tone.

Secondly the formula... wow. I keep seeing people with this beautiful, almost post-coital looking glow to them, like they're "lit from within." I don't always want it to look like I'm wearing product, sometimes I just want that "just bonked" look! (Sorry Mum.) The gel formulation is perfect for this. It doesn't look like I'm wearing blusher, it looks like I actually have some blood circulation in my friggin' face. I don't look as ashen and flat, just gently glowing. There's no shimmer, no glitter, no greasiness, but there's no chalky matt texture either. It looks like I'm blushing, which is kind of the bloody point!

So now I want Fluster for Winter and I'm even tempted to try the Gel Sculpt, Silhouette. They'll have to wait until payday as £22 a pop isn't cheap, but I look like a healty human being now rather than a potato-face, and who can put a price on that?

Carly Kawai xoxo

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