About Carly

I'm Carly.
I'm twenty-seven years old, which apparently makes me a grown-up but I'm not convinced.
I live in the UK.
I'm quite annoyed about this. I would be much better suited to America or Japan or France.
My hobbies include sarcasm, swearing, misanthropy, antisocialism and general arts and crafts.
I'm a vegetarian. No food with a face. I admit animals are tasty though, so occasionally you might find me looking at pictures of seafood and weeping silently.
I've gone cruelty free with my skincare and cosmetics.
I'm a Black Milk Sharkie, which means I spend obscene amounts of money on nylon pants.
I find it difficult to reach things on high shelves.
I have an addiction to Cheetos and bagels. Schmeared bagels.
I have been with my fiancé Tim (Mr Kawaii) for well over a decade, which is a long time to put up with me. The guy deserves a medal.
We are going to get married when we stop spending all our money on junk.
I live with Mr Kawaii and our shit cat Eddie.